Northbridge Department of Public Works Study
Northbridge, MA

The current site of the Department of Public Works is located in the center of Town along the Mumford River and adjacent to a residential neighborhood. The existing site has several constraints including a floodplain bisecting the site, conservation oversight, difficult utility connections, limited vehicular circulation, and only one access point. The existing facility consists of several outdated structures scattered on the existing site housed administration, maintenance, vehicle storage and a salt shed. The initial task was to determine whether the existing site could house a fully functional new facility. HKT worked closely with the Town to develop a program that consolidated all the operations under one roof, while locating the facility out of the floodplain. Subsequently, extensive permitting for the project was completed to prove the site could meet the operational goals of the project
The proposed 19,212 square foot facility consists of a two-bay maintenance facility, vehicle storage for 23 vehicles plus equipment, an efficient administration area, workshops, 600 square feet of exterior covered storage, and a 2,400 square foot salt shed. The facility, tucked into the hillside on the southern portion of the site, screens the operations from the residences on the south side while improving vehicular movement and operations throughout the site. The project is under review by the Building Planning Construction Committee.

Completion: 2012

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