90 Park Street - St. Mark's Church

Brookline, MA

+ Overview

With the help of historically sensitive design, St. Mark’s Church was successfully transformed into 20 units of luxury condominiums. While previous developers had considered the structure too complex and irregular for adaptive reuse, the design solution made optimum use of the contrast in scale and intricate detail.

The building was listed on the National Register of Historic Places after residents rallied to save the structure from demolition. In keeping with applicable guidelines, the design preserved all existing exterior architectural features, as well as many interior details. Interior work included the restoration of all the original oak wainscoting and trim, deacon’s benches, arches, vaulted ceilings and molded plaster details. Units vary from multi-story apartments with 40-foot ceilings to more conventional duplexes and flats.

+ Project Details

  • Client 90 Park Street Corporation
  • Project Type Renovation
  • Size 8,000 sf