Melnea A. Cass Recreational Complex

Boston, MA

+ Overview

Originally built in 1967, the Melnea Cass Swimming Pool and Skating Rink served Roxbury as a place to have fun year ‘round. In 1986, the skating rink was closed and remained unused while the pool remained open to the public. Construction began in 2010 on a design that reused the existing laminated wood arch rink structure, enclosing it for a year-round recreation space. The design provides a new central entry for the Recreation Center by way of a link building connecting the existing bathhouse and arena. Additional toilet rooms were built in the existing bathhouse to accommodate the increased patronage, especially during the hot summer months when combined usage is at its highest.

Materials were chosen for their aesthetics, quality, and durability and the design considers the safety and security of the patrons. A performance sports floor system was installed to accommodate many forms of athletics: soccer, tennis, walking, and flat track roller derby. Outside of the main playing area is a walking track for residents. Response from the community was overwhelming, with events and sports planning beginning as soon as the building opened.

+ Project Details

  • Client Department of Conservation and Recreation
  • Project Type Renovation
  • Size 24,850 sf