Meredith, NH DPW

Meredith, NH

+ Overview

The Town of Meredith’s existing Public Works facilities consisted of several buildings scattered on two sites. Administrative functions were housed in the former police station while the maintenance garage, solid waste/recycling facilities, and the salt and sand shed were located on a site adjacent to the former Town landfill. Due to the remote sites, oversight of employees was difficult. HKT was brought on to conduct a feasibility study to unify administrative, maintenance, and vehicle storage functions in a single facility located on the latter site, while keeping existing solid waste/recycling facilities intact.

As programming was finalized and conceptual design commenced, it became apparent that due to the size of the proposed facility and the arrangement of existing solid waste and recycling buildings on the site, it would be impossible to accommodate the new facility without a complete reorganization of the entire existing site. Proposed conceptual designs divide the existing site into three separate zones based upon existing topographical changes for Public Works administration, Public Works operations and solid waste/recycling. The separation of these functions facilitates safe movement of DPW trucks and personnel on the site, as well as members of the community.

+ Project Details

  • Client Town of Meredith, NH
  • Project Type Proposed New Construction (Study)
  • Size 60,500 sf