Town of Needham Master Plan

needham, MA

+ Overview

The Town of Needham prepares a Facilities Master Plan every 10 years and hired HKT for this year-long study. This Facilities Master Plan focused on 17 municipal buildings and sites and included police, fire, public works, parks and recreation and schools.

HKT expanded on the general information available from the most recent master plan and other studies that were recently completed or were underway. Phases of this work included building and site evaluation, analyzing department and building needs, programming, conceptual design options for renovation or new construction, exploration of alternate locations, and cost estimating. Collaborating with the Town’s Facility Working Group to strategize and prioritize work, HKT developed a Master Plan for capital improvements in Town for the next ten years.

+ Project Details

  • Client Town of Needham, MA
  • Project Type Master Plan
  • Size Various